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Aventura Amazonia - Marbella Málaga
  • C/ Valeriano Rodríguez, 2
    29604 Marbella (Málaga)
  • Monday - Friday: Telefono de contacto 952 835 505
  • Weekends and Holidays:
    Telefono de contacto 625 089 320

Corporate Events

While we’re having fun, let’s do some corporate bonding

AVENTURA AMAZONIA offers companies an ideal, unique and completely novel opportunity to enjoy a real day out of adventure in the heart of Nature.  We have a wide range of open-air activities in which we can offer real high-flying obstacles..


This kind of activity, although pure entertainment, is a subtle way of strengthening internal bonds, providing a sense of belonging to the company and to the team, recognising attitudes and behaviour that brings us closer to the objective.  In totally natural surroundings, they are performed with the idea of encouraging the relationship between employees, and to provide keys to motivation in the most fun and novel way.

Entertainment is guaranteed.  The activities are designed to produce an increase in self-confidence, encourage a spirit of self-improvement and strengthen the attaining of goals and objectives.  Our tree-top adventure circuits are arranged by levels of difficulty, with obstacles of different physical nature, generally aimed at personal achievement.

empresa2.pngNo-one misses out on the adventure… It is not necessary to have any special physical fitness or previous experience.  It is an adventure park for EVERYONE where EVERYONE finds their own challenge.

 We offer various different possibilities:

   - Gymkhanas: Themed, Sporting, Theatrical (with the participation of actors).

   - Sporting kick-off’s and fair-play competitions.

   - Motivational and incentive events.

   - Multi-Adventure in the heart of Nature: Tree-top Adventure.

We work with organisations looking for a complete programme of activities, adapted to their requirements, and also with agencies and events organisers.

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